1 adjective
1 FIRM/HARD having a firm shape, and usually hard: Even the milk was frozen solid. | After wading through the marshes we were glad to be on solid ground. | solid food(s): The baby isn't old enough to eat solid foods yet.
2 STONGLY MADE strong and well made: good, solid furniture | as solid as a rock (=very solid): The frame looks quite flimsy, but in fact it's as solid as a rock.
3 VALUABLE WORK well done and of real practical value: five years of solid achievement | a good solid education
4 DEFINITE FACTS (only before noun) based on real facts; definite: We need some solid evidence to prove our case.
5 solid basis/foundation a strong principle on which something is based: Our relationship is built on a solid foundation of mutual trust.
6 HONEST AND RESPECTED respected because you are honest and people can depend on you to behave well: a respectable solid citizen | a firm with a solid reputation
7 solid gold/silver/oak etc consisting completely of gold: a solid gold cup
8 NOT HOLLOW having no holes or spaces inside: a solid rubber ball | a shrine carved out of the solid rock
9 LOYAL giving loyal support that you can depend on: a solid supporter of the Clinton administration
10 CONTINUOUS informal without any pauses: The lecture lasted two solid hours. | five hours/two weeks solid: On Saturday I went to bed and slept fourteen hours solid.
11 CLOSE TOGETHER very close together without any spaces in between: The road was blocked by a solid mass of protesters. | a solid line of traffic stretching away into the distance
12 GEOMETRY technical having length, width, and height; three­dimensional: A sphere is a solid figure.
13 IN AGREEMENT be solid BrE to be in complete agreement: The workers are 100% solid on this issue.
(+ for/against): The members were solid against the idea. — solidly adverb: solidly built — solidness noun (U) 2 noun
1 (C) a firm object or substance that has a fixed shape, unlike a gas or liquid: Water changes from a liquid to a solid when it freezes.
2 solids
a) (plural) food that is not liquid: He's still too ill to eat solids
b) (C) technical the part of a liquid which has the qualities of a solid when it is separated from the solvent 2: milk solids
3 technical a shape which has length, width, and height

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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